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 I have had the pleasure of knowing Kelly for over 25 years.  She is extraordinary in so many ways. As a Mother and a friend she is confident, hardworking and happily supportive.  In her career, she sets goals and achieves them with her love, faith and strong values.  She is beautiful and charming and lives a healthy lifestyle.  Anyone would be blessed to have her as their life coach!


These days, it is easy to lose our way or get derailed. We try to stay focused and motivated and strive to move forward but sometimes nothing seems to work. 

Then we encounter obstacles and challenges in life or go through life changing events that leave you questioning, what now? How have you managed those challenges? Have you known for a long time that you need to change some things, get a grip and move on, but are not sure what or how? 

I truly believe that we experience challenges and setbacks in life for a reason. There is always a lesson to be learned that will carry us thru the next phase of our life. You can either let those challenges break you or you can learn from it, rise above it and pursue the life you want.


As your life coach, I will help empower you to overcome those challenges, define the lesson and support you to move forward creating the life you truly want. 


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There is no one word to describe working with Kelly as my Personal Health and Life Coach , but rather an experience of life-long personal development and growth. 

If I am being 100% honest, I never thought a Personal Health and Life Coach would have such a huge impact on the trajectory of my life. I thought I knew what I wanted, but with the help of Kelly I was able to truly dig deeper than what was just on the surface. 

Starting with the "pre-survey" of coaching with Kelly, I had my mind fixed on health. All of my goals that I created with Kelly were focused on trying to better improve my own personal health (lose 10 pounds, make some healthy food changes, and get control back when it came to eating junk food). Little did I know that half way through my coaching sessions, underlying goals and aspirations would surface with the help of Kelly. 

From our first session to our last, Kelly truly listened to what I had to say. She made me feel that my goals were important and that I did not have to overcome them alone. She worked with me to come up with action plans that would help me make progress towards my goal. She cheered me on when I had my wins and made e feel like I could do anything! She created a safe-space for me to feel comfortable and vulnerable enough to tell her when I had failures; which I did! She held me accountable and listened actively to what I was saying. 

Kelly worked with me each session, making sure to re-evaluate my goals and to make sure that the action plans we had in place were working for me. I started seeing small victories and changes in my life. The weight started coming off,  I was eating healthier, and I had taken control back of my addiction to eating an entire box of cookies! My health was improving, but little did I know my life would soon experience an even bigger change! 

During one of our sessions, Kelly asked me to complete an activity with her which focused on other areas of my life other than health (career, money, relationships, friends and family, personal growth) After completing the activity I realized that I was not truly happy in my career and never really gave it much thought of how to change it. This opened up a conversation with Kelly and soon an action plan was made. It was very eye opening to see that on the surface I was just focused on my health, but underneath I was not truly happy with my current career situation. The meetings with Kelly truly helped me overcome my fears of the unknown and helped me lean into my dreams. 

I am forever grateful for Kelly's guidance, knowledge, patience, and dedication to my life journey. I truly believe that I would not be where I am today if it was not for the coaching of Kelly. I am 10 pounds lighter, eating healthier, and finally working in a space that makes me happy! 


I have had the pleasure of knowing Kelly Henderson for over 30 years. I first came to know Kelly well as my college roommate. Her kindness and positive attitude made it really easy to bond quickly. She was then, and has always been, an extremely supportive and encouraging friend to myself and many others. Over the years, Kelly has overcome many obstacles with courage, intuition and faith in herself and humankind. She has a strong desire to help others. Kelly's life experiences, and the way in which she has navigated those, make her an inspiration and a trusted advisor to those in her circle.