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We are all programmed from our childhood. We form belief systems that may or may not allign with who we want to be. In truth, our upbringing gives us a limited perspective of who we could be. 


I grew up being told to not dissapoint anyone and make sure everythng is perfectly in its place. I was manipulated and controlled by a few significant people in my life that at the time, I was unware of the impact that was having on me. So I became the OCD care giver, walking on egg shells, sacrificing what I want and what I need for everyone else. 

Do you ever feel like you are living your life for everyone else or feel like you don't even know who YOU are? Have you known for a long time that you need to change some things but are not sure what or how? 


As a Coach, I will help you discover what needs to change and how to change it. I will encourage and inspire you to get control of your life and transition those areas of your life that are not in allignment with what you want.  So ask yourself...if you had a way to finally have the life you want, would you take that leap of faith and DIVE IN? What's your Journey going to be?



 I have had the pleasure of knowing Kelly for over 25 years.  She is extraordinary in so many ways. As a Mother and a friend she is confident, hardworking and happily supportive.  In her career, she sets goals and achieves them with her love, faith and strong values.  She is beautiful and charming and lives a healthy lifestyle.  Anyone would be blessed to have her as their life coach!

Darilyn A.

Kelly was simply AMAZING and I'm so lucky to have worked with her!

Alexander B.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Kelly Henderson for over 30 years. I first came to know Kelly well as my college roommate. Her kindness and positive attitude made it really easy to bond quickly. She was then, and has always been, an extremely supportive and encouraging friend to myself and many others. Over the years, Kelly has overcome many obstacles with courage, intuition and faith in herself and humankind. She has a strong desire to help others. Kelly's life experiences, and the way in which she has navigated those, make her an inspiration and a trusted advisor to those in her circle.

Brenda L.



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